N² Dual 18650 ²door


All mod pictures are sample pics!  Dials “potentiometers” are only on PWM mods and the option must be picked for your mod to have one.

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Dual Door Dual 18650

Dimensions: 32 mm x 60 mm x 88 mm

USA MADE! Billet Aluminum Box with NO LEAN!!
Powder Coated Box
3D printed battery sled with ribbon Modz By Nasy Sled
Varitube 510 – Flush Mounted!
Can fit up t 30MM atomizers!!

14ga Copper Oxygen Free wire! All load carrying wires
Hidden Magnets in door!!!
Series good down to 0.3 ohm
Parallel good down to 0.2 ohm
PWM good down to 0.3 ohm

30amp load MAX! – Parallel 60amp load MAX!

Powder Coat samples are just that and the color on the finished box can be different!

These are hand made mods and the boxes are designed for powder coat on the inside and out and some lids may have movement in them due to the varying thicknesses of the powder coats

Please give 1-7 days for build time. All mods are built to order!


Spare doors!!!