Triple 18650 Nasy

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All mod pictures are sample pics!  Dials “potentiometers” are only on PWM mods and the option must be picked for your mod to have one.


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Please Go to the powder coat page to see up close pic of the colors and a description of them!

These are hand made mods and the boxes are designed for powder coat on the inside and out and some lids may have movement in them due to the varying thicknesses of the powder coats


Please see our page about PWM if you have questions about PWM or Smart PWM.

Slim Triple 18650 Nasy

USA MADE! Billet Aluminum Box with NO LEAN!!
Powder Coated Box in house!
3D printer Modz By Nasy Sled with ribbon!
Varitube 510 Flush mounted!!
14ga Copper Oxygen Free wire! “All load carrying wires”
Hidden Magnets in door!!!
Series good down to 0.4 ohm
Parallel good down to 0.1 ohm
PWM good down to 0.4 ohm

Triple 18650: Series 30amp load MAX – Parallel 60amp load MAX!

Size: 58mm Wide, 31mm Thick, 103mm Tall

This box has been CNC made to be as Slim as possible for a unique box design not found anywhere else!

Powder Coat samples are just that and the color on the finished box can be different!

Please give 1-7 days for build time. All mods are built to order!

Additional information

Weight 1.000 oz
Dimensions 5.000 × 3.000 × 2.000 mm
Box Configuration

Smart PWM, Parallel, Series, PWM

5 reviews for Triple 18650 Nasy

  1. hagen (verified owner)

    I don’t know why I waited so long to finally get one.
    A simple, elegant and powerful device that satisfies my vaping style of short, high power pulls. The work inside is clean and the powder coat is flawless.
    The Gambler’s Steel Gray has a subdued low key appearance until the sun hits it and all the metal flake glistens like a classic muscle car.

  2. aaron.mast (verified owner)

    you should really get one of these. perfectly clean and flawless.
    this is my second one and I am never disappointed in the quality and the customer service that is provided.

  3. John Serrano (verified owner)

    Just put in an order today for one in series and i can’t wait to see what she looks like. 😈

  4. Johnathan Rohne (verified owner)

    I not one to usually comment on much but i am a collector i own way to many mods 123 mods now i bought this one and bought 2 more in less than a months just amazing work . I now own 3 of his mods just quality and great work just baby smooth hit from vapeing with all his mods.

  5. dannystafford1985 (verified owner)

    Love it

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