Limited Lifetime Warranty

Nasy’s Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty “MODS”

Here at Modz By Nasy LLC we sell only things we can stand behind!  This being said sometimes things can happen.  In this event we offer you our Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our mods,  something you will never get with the cheap china made mods.  Our warranty covers any manufacture defects in your mod for the life of the mod.  Examples of this would be Switch failure, Mosfet failure,  Battery tray failure, or 510 failure.  These examples are just that,  If for some reason the mod was damaged from user error there will be a repair fee for this.  In most cases a “USER ERROR” repair fee would be $25.00 but with some mods like the DNAsy 200 the repair fee would be $50.00.  These are starting points and at our discretion to change.  

Building Supplies Warranty

Everything we sell is something that we would use our self and stand behind.  Everything under the Mod Building Supplies tab on our site falls under this warranty.  As we would love to warranty everything and all things on our site it is a bit hard to do so with the use of these building supplies.  We do offer you a 30 exchange for D.O.A. “dead on arrival” items.  All items must be returned unused and no solder.  If the item is used or soldered no exchange will be able to be made.  Battery trays/sleds will be inspected before shipped and we take pride that none of our trays are shipped miss printed or warped!  If for some reason you were to get a tray/sled in this condition it will be replaced with no questioned ask!  Do to 3D printing there may be some defects in some tray and not others but will not effect the tray/sleds operation.

We thank you for picking us as your modder or build supplier.  Any questions on anything above can be e-mailed to